Thursday, November 21, 2019

Introduction to Business Law Bachelor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Introduction to Business Law Bachelor - Essay Example Now in Texas, the total family property is protected by this clause which many other mortgage paying homeowners balk at, saying it is an unfair act and also discriminatory based on state residencies. Many families face financially hard times with no clause to fall back on so they feel it's unjust and morally biased that others are offered, what appears too many to be, a hand out, down the easy financial highway. Also, it is widely known that corporate CEO's or other distinguished people have, in the past, purchased homes way above their heads, eventually falling into debt, and as well, in behind on their mortgages; then facing judgments. Consequentially, they spend their remaining funds unwisely, making unnecessary purchases and then expect to be allowed to lean on the Homestead Act for support and protection of their remaining assets. This type of behavior is one of greediness and self absorption, a characteristic that makes other homeowners, struggling to pay their bills, despise t he Homestead Act ever being substantiated. On the other hand, when the clause was first implemented and recognized back in 1839, its purpose was honest and solely for the integrity of keeping a family

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