Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Current event in medical organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Current event in medical organization - Essay Example consequently, such prescriptions could result into addiction, occasional psychosis and anxiety. Doctors recommend timely diagnosis which works to counter the effects of the disorder at least at an early age. The American Psychiatric Association is working on a bid to ensure that an increased number of teenagers can access prescribed medication after diagnosis. This article reveals the disorder is as a result of abnormal chemical imbalance in the brain. The chemicals interfere with an individual’s attention skills and impulse control as well. Patient and doctors advocates have never seized to differ of the rising diagnosis rates. Proponents hold the school of thought that the rising rates indicate proper management of the disorder. Opponents on the other hand think that the respective prescriptions only work to calm an individual’s behavior. The disorder can readily be determined through extensive talks with parents, patients and teachers. However, the rising cases of diagnosis and treatment of the disorder should be well managed in order to strike a reasonable balance (Schwarz and Cohen, 2). In line with class work, the article revisits thus highlights the disorder a major in the American society. One is able to understand how the A.D.H.D disorder has been well advertises thus increasing the sale of respective treatments. Additionally, that if left untreated, the disorder could easily affect a child’s academic performance is a genuine concern that only calls for proactive attitude when dealing with the disorder. Alonso-Zaldivar (2) questions the significance of marketing to resolving pertinent issues associated with Obamacare. Obama’s initiative has since received mixed reactions from various stakeholders. It is no wonder that the initiative has been viewed as complex and controversial. This has forced the government to invest heavily on mass marketing to promote awareness in the country. This initiative has been shot

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